8th Annual Event Recap

June 21 , 2014

The team starts preparation for this day as soon as clean up from the last event has ended.  You would think a year is enough time to plan and execute and event which you have done seven times before.  Those 365 days fly by and life also gets in the way.  Before you know it you are 90 days from the event starting and you think you have nothing accomplished.

Welcome to Haley’s Team.  We go through this every year.  The planners go their separate ways hours after the finish line and awards ceremony have ended.  The priorities are set for the next year and they drive off into the sunrise.

This would be a horrible situation for many Teams but for us, it just works.  Some like to operate in total control, we thrive on organized chaos.

In 2007 three friends Randy Bright, Cal Seales and Rich LaMonica put their heads together and came up with an idea for a 5K race to be a fundraiser to help in finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  Randy’s step-daughter Haley had the disease along with Rich’s friend Kirk, and the trio hatched a plan.  They needed advice so they contacted the Anniston Runners Club.  With the help of Brooke Nelson and Jon Moore the idea of the Twilight race was born.

Haley’s Team Twilight 5k became an annual event starting in 2007.  The race has had its share of fast runners, course changes and thunderstorms but has persevered.   From the first year with less than 100 runners, to a steady 220 now this team is hungry for bigger nights.

This year as the course was set up and the bulky start finish line scaffolding was erected the Team felt good as they were ahead for a change.  Then Mr Murphy showed himself again.  A storm came through.  The volunteers rushed to save the finish line, tables and signs.  Again the needed chaos was there.

As the Haley’s Kids 1K was about to start things were still getting set up.  The kid’s race is the fun spot for all the young runners.  They get to be like their parents and gain a story to tell at the dinner table on Sunday.  This year the Team was honored to have a lot of volunteers who lined the critical turns of the 1K and cheer on the up and coming runners.  This portion of the event will be renamed in honor of Kirk Hill who passed away in June 2012 due to CF.  The race will now be called Kirk’s Kids 1K.  He was passionate man who gave his all in everything he did so now the kids will give their all in his honor.

The time approached for the 5K and the team had some more technical difficulties.  The 1 mile and 2 mile clocks malfunctioned and the volunteers stepped up to cheer on the runners and yell out times as they came by.  The runners shot out at a good pace.  Steven Miles pushed the pace in the hunt for the trophy.  He just missed the podium last year, and was determined for redemption.  He showed that setting goals will get you where you want to go.  He won this year in 18:54 a minute and a half ahead of his nearest competitor.  Great work Steven!  In the Female division a young lady tore up the course as well.  At the age of 13 she set the pace for the ladies.  Abby Nunnelly came in @ 21:15 to take the top of the podium.  Great Job Abby.

We also had the honor of hosting a number of first time 5K runners.  Hopefully we gave them a good show, they had fun and will continue their running journey in the future.

Thanks to all those who supported us this year and in years past.  Without you it would not be possible to put on such a good event each year.

Next year the 9th Annual Event will be on June 20th 2015 with the Kirk’s Kids 1K starting things off followed by the kid’s award ceremony.  Once that is complete the Haley’s Twilight 5K will start and be followed by its award ceremony.  We look forward to seeing you next year.

Registration opens June 30th 2014 for next years event!!https://runsignup.com/Race/AL/Anniston/HaleysTeamTwilight5k