Race History

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     The race has blistered all expectations since its inaugral race in 2007.  The community of Anniston and the State of Alabama have really come together to help make this a successful event.  

     During our first race the butterflies were lifted with the help of our friends at the Anniston Runner’s Club.  This led to a great first race.  We had about 90 finishers in 2007. 

      In 2008 our team was dispersed throughout the world during the planning of the race.  This however did not hinder any of the outcomes with well over 145 finishers of the 5K. 

      The third installment was expected to be about the same 140 -150 runners however the community stepped up again.  We had runners from five states involed in the race and a total of over 220 registrants with 217 finishers.

     Our planning for the fourth race anticipated around 200 registrants and wound up with 255.  We did not anticiapte a long rain delay as a Thunderstorm swarmed the course and delayed the race for an entire hour.  151 runners braved the elements and finished the course it was an exciting evening. 

     Our 1st Annual male winner was Mr. Bill Holstine in 17:59:95 he was so far ahead we needed a 2nd pace vehicle.  Our 2nd Annual Male and overall winner was Mr. Billy Lane in a race record of 17:35.77. That record lasted exactly one year.  Matthew Brick shattered the male course record with a time of 16:30 in the third installment.  Mr. Brick repeated as the course champion in the fourth race with a Haley’s Team record of 15:44. 

      Our Female competitors are just as fast.   Ms. Megan Williams won the first two races and holds the female course record.  The first race she was 2d Overall with a time of 20:52:51, she crushed that time in the 2nd Annual run with an 18:37:61, and third overall.  The third race saw a new female champ with Ms. Jo Ann Fort winning the race and coming in at 22:09 and 16th overall. Ms. Ryan Green took the podium in the fourth installment of the race in a very close female race. 

      2015 proved to be a competitive field.  Last year’s winner was not able to attend so a new one would be crowned.  Chris Edmondson prevailed in 18:17 followed by Daniel Burton in 19:01.  The ladies showed their competitive fire as Abby Nunnelly edged out Nicole Diekow 21:28 to 21:54.  Will they defend their titles next year?  We hope so that level of competition is great. 






8th Annual Haleys Team 5k Results

Haleys Team Twilight 5k Results 15

Haleys Team Twilight 5k Results June 25 2016

Kirk’s Kids 1k 2016




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